Emotional Candy: The Artful Pursuit of Combat

Emotional Candy Series

A 10-part series on the Artful Pursuit of Combat with Tuhon Jared Wihongi and special guest Kuya Doug (approx 30mins total runtime).

Emotional Candy are fight principles presented in a fun and challenging way.

Topics include:

  1. Single Baton Work
  2. Lock Manipulations
  3. Baton to Knife
  4. Empty Hand vs. Baton
  5. Baton Hand Switch
  6. Baton Choke
  7. Two-Handed Baton
  8. Baton Body Clinch
  9. Angles of Insertion
  10. Reverse Grip Knife Flow: Pakal
  11. BONUS VIDEOS (complete series only)

You can select any of the individual videos or get the whole series at a discount.


 *This video series is also available and included if you have a Silver Membership and will be available to you after 7 months from the start of subscription as part of the drip feature.



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