Gold Membership

$35.00 USD every month

This Gold Membership includes a Silver Membership subscription (new subscribers).  Suitable for intermed...

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Silver Membership

$20.00 USD every month

Suitable for Beginner through Advanced training. Train at your own pace.  Exclusive video training for the fi...

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PTTA Annual Membership

$30.00 USD every year

One Year PTTA Membership No video subscription is included in this offer.  

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Duty Knife as a Backup Weapon: Introductory Course

$9.95 USD

An introduction to the one of the most sought after TRICOM modules, focusing on using a duty knife as a backup or sec...

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The 64 Attacks of Classical Kali

$79.95 USD

The 64 Attacks is a historic sub-system of classical Pekiti Tirsia Kali that was once taught under the Doce Methodos ...

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Tricom Tactical Clinch

$49.99 USD

These videos cover the fundamental considerations of Clinch Fighting in a Weapon Based Environment, what we often cal...

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Emotional Candy: The Artful Pursuit of Combat

$30.00 USD

Emotional Candy Series A 10-part series on the Artful Pursuit of Combat with Tuhon Jared Wihongi and speci...

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