PTTA Espada y Daga

The Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association Espada y Daga curriculum provides practitioners with the skills necessary to control the fight at both long and short distances. This Pekiti University online course offers a practical approach to traditional sword & dagger techniques.

It is widely believed this subsystem of Kali was influenced by the Spanish use of Sword and Dagger techniques during the colonization period of the Philippines. Filipino warriors integrated these double blade skills into their own fighting systems and weapon designs. As such, they dedicated elaborate drills to master handling both the long blade and short dagger simultaneously.

The PTTA TRI-V approach to Espada y Daga covers the use of both blades in both close-quarters and long-range distances, eventually incorporating options for arm locking and takedowns in a practical manner.

*Total runtime: 113+ mins.